Olivia's story

Olivia is a bubbly, chatty teenager who loves singing, and all things Harry Potter. She lives in Sheffield with her mum and dad, Michelle and Russell, and her brothers, Harry and Finley, and loves spending time at Bluebell Wood.Read more

Madison’s story

Meet Madison, a gorgeous, happy two-year-old. Her parents, Wendy and Gary, share their story.Read more

Chester's story

Chester and Rhianna were born at just 26 weeks old in 2009, and they spent their first year in hospital fighting for their lives. Chester has brain damage and Hirschsprung disease, which means he can’t pass poo normally, and now visits Bluebell Wood for short breaks. His mum and dad, Lisa and Ian, tell his story:Read more

Saki's story

Sheer determination and an abundance of positive thinking has seen 15-year-old Saki Roussos fight through major surgery several times.Read more

Isabella's story

Isabella and her family are from Barnsley, and they have been visiting us since the hospice opened. Her mum, Sandra, tells her story.Read more

Gracie's story

Charlotte Lee calls daughter Gracie her snow baby. Born in January 2009 following a healthy pregnancy, Gracie’s arrival was a few months after young Sheffield mum Charlotte had received the surprise but welcome news that she was expecting. However, over the next few years Gracie had some developmental issues, which led to a sad discovery.Read more

Ruby's story

Ruby was a cheeky, happy girl, who loved Peppa Pig, playing with other children, and going outside on windy, rainy days. Sadly, after being diagnosed with a severe form of Niemann-Pick disease (NPC) Ruby stopped being able to move, sit and swallow, and in April 2017, she passed away at Bluebell Wood at just three years old. Her mum and dad, Kelly and Mike, share her story.Read more

Charlie's story

Charlie lives in Chesterfield with his mum, Anna, brother, George, and sister, Evie. Charlie has Complex Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia, which means he has difficulty walking and has dementia. Charlie enjoys playing his guitar, going to college, and visiting Bluebell Wood. Mum, Anna, shares their story.Read more

Molly’s story

Molly has SMA Type One, which means she uses a wheelchair and finds it difficult to lift her arms. When she visits Bluebell Wood she loves to colour, have her nails painted, and play with her friend, Chloe, who has the same condition. Mum, May, shares her story.Read more

Ivy’s story

Ivy Morris was born in August 2016, and passed away at Bluebell Wood when she was just eight weeks old. Her mum and dad, Gary and Alana, tell the story of their beautiful little girl.Read more

Jacob's story

Jacob was born in October 2011. He had a massive bleed on his brain at birth, has heart problems, chronic lung disease and Noonans syndrome. Jacob always has lots of fun when he visits Bluebell Wood with his family. His mum, Kerry, tells his story.Read more

Leighton’s story

Leighton always has a smile on his face, especially when he gets to spend time at Bluebell Wood with his brothers, Carson and Leo. Mum and dad, Kerry and Steven, share his story:Read more

Sienna’s story

Sienna, from Sheffield, was born prematurely at 34 weeks in April 2011. Her mum, Sara, tells her story:Read more

Owen William's story

Owen Williams spent his last days at Bluebell Wood with his family around him. His mum and dad, Gary and Victoria, share the story of their beautiful baby boy.Read more

Ethan’s story

This is the story of one precious baby boy, Ethan. His parents Anna and Matt tell their story.Read more

Ivy-Rose’s story

When Ivy-Rose was born, Fiona and Chris knew they would only have a short time to spend with their precious girl. They stayed with Ivy at Bluebell Wood for three magical weeks before she passed away; making wonderful memories and even creating Christmas in the middle of May. Mum, Fiona, shares her story.Read more

William's story

It was during their 20-week pregnancy scan in April 2015 that Liz and Will Butterell got the news no parent would ever want to hear. After hospital staff spotted that the left side of their baby’s heart was not developing properly, a hospital consultant sat Liz and Will down to tell them their child had hyperplastic left heart syndrome.Read more

Jodie’s story

Jodie is from Barnsley. She and her family have been visiting us at Bluebell Wood since 2009. Her mum, Julie, tells her story.Read more

Roman’s story

Like any expectant mother, Amanda was thrilled to be carrying her new baby. She enjoyed a perfectly healthy pregnancy, but when her son, Roman, was born his health took a turn for the worst, and he sadly passed away in hospital. Amanda and her family took him to Bluebell Wood, where they could stay together until his funeral.Read more

Junior’s story

Junior was born in August 2012 at just 24 weeks old. He has hydrocephalus and can’t speak, walk or hear. His mammas, Colleen and Alison, share his story.Read more

Zuzanna’s story

Zuzanna visits us at Bluebell Wood for short breaks and our activity days. She has an undiagnosed condition which affects her muscle strength and breathing. Her mum and dad, Agata and Lukas, tell her story.Read more

Antony’s story

Antony, has nonketotic hyperglycinemia (NKH), which is a rare genetic disorder. This means he can’t walk or talk, and has seizures. Parents, Maria and Przemyslaw, tell his story.Read more

Kaden’s story

Kaden Bramley, aged 14, has SMA Type II, which is a rare genetic neuromuscular condition. This means his muscles are seriously weakened, which affects his mobility. Kaden and his mum, Mel, tell their story.Read more

Adam and Isla’s story

Adam was born at 32 weeks, and was starved of oxygen at birth. He spent 13 weeks in intensive care, and during the first two years of his life went through lots of surgery and hospital admissions.Read more